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In their thirties already assured of a second season

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In their thirties had no day to make its way to the fans: the first episode, last week’s Monday broadcast, was immediately good for 681.002 viewers.

The high ratings are spectacular for a series that at ten o’clock in the evening to see. A day later, in addition they have more people in their Thirties: 744.909 viewers for episode 2. Each episode of the Thirty – retrieves the deferred viewers with an average of 750,000 viewers.

For One, they have the knot, therefore, Friday is already decided: there will be a second season. The actors were yesterday informed. Today, the calendars together laid, because there will probably be in april turned.

Thirty-somethings is a daily fiction series about a close-knit group of friends since their student days are connected. The creators aim at recognition. So you see the group struggle with the typical challenges of their generation: work, relationships, children, … The series was a gamble of the VRT, and that seems to pay off.

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