How would it be with Danzel?

How would it be with Danzel?

Danzel know we are all still of his hit single Pump It Up, but how is it going now with Johan Waem, such as Danzel in real life is called?

Danzel came for the first time wheeze during Idol 2003 but it was not until a year later that he would completely break thanks to the monsterhit Pump It Up. In Flanders we hear not much more about Danzel but in Poland and Russia, he is a superstar.

The first month of 2019 is half way through, but Danzel was already ten times on the plane in the direction of the former eastern Bloc, where he was in Poland and Russia are still immensely popular. For some concerts in Russia, he had even contracts to sign stating that he is not about the concerts is allowed to talk. Trad Danzel is already on for president Putin? Who can say…

The figures that Danzel is able to present are phenomenal. Other Flemish artists can only dream of 4.5 million records sold. I will Danzel with us often the question of “whether he is something the music does”. So yes, laughs Danzel.

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