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How to use a KeepKey Wallet?

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KeepKey works Hand-in-Hand with a Wallet Software on the user’s Computer and takes the control over the creation and storage of private Keys and transaction signing. It is a Hardware Wallet that can be used with Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Bitcoin, Gold, and several ERC-20 tokens.

How does KeepKey?

There are some important things that are necessary before you can use KeepKey. You need the KeepKey Hardware Wallet itself, a USB cable, a Computer, the latest Version of the Chrome web browser, and the Recovery Card.

How to initialize one KeepKey?


Continue to give the Recovery a Phrase never to third parties. Keep it in a safe place and give him never easy in a “foreign” Computer or phone. Save your Recovery Phrase on a Computer or phone. Send it by E-Mail or private message to a third party.

Also be used for each transaction to different addresses. As a result, a maximum of anonymity and safety is guaranteed.

How is a transaction?

Users start transactions in the Computer-Client, as before, the application of the KeepKeys. The Computer stores no private key and therefore has no ability to approve transactions. The Computer-Client submits transactions to the KeepKey and waiting for its approval. As soon as the release comes from the KeepKey, he displays the transaction specifications and alerts the user via a button to the default-authentication. After confirmation by the user, the transaction is signed and the Client Computer is returned.

If you have your PIN forget you will be locked out of your KeepKey. Then you have the possibility of your KeepKey with the help of your Recovery Phrase.

Key Features

KeepKey managed BIP32 Wallets, or what is generally considered to be
HD Wallets. In this way, KeepKey can be an unlimited
Number of private keys to create and save. KeepKey also manages
BIP44, which allows merging of accounts. KeepKey can be one in
Essentially unlimited number of Wallets with an unlimited number of
private keys set up.

A Standard Wallet that allows to send cryptocurrencies to receive and store especially. There are different types of Wallets: web-based Exchange-Hosted Wallets (Coinbase, Gemini, Binance, etc.), web-based Online Wallets (e.g., and traditional Cold-Storage Paper Wallets (,, MyEtherWallet).

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