How has it come this far that the UK is stiff in the abyss?

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The average Englishman is not a sour, inward-looking islander that the Europeans distrust. How then is it to this point?

Who is governed by England drive – the real England away from the London bubble here and there in virtue of his occupation questions, and usually friendly, open and helpful people …

Who is governed by England drive – the real England away from the London bubble here and there in virtue of his occupation questions, and usually friendly, open and helpful people opposite him. The average Englishman is not a sour, inward-looking islander, which the Europeans of the continent, discredits or misprijst. On the contrary.

How is it, then, so far as can come with this country that it with rigid perseverance in the abyss? Was the outcome of the Brexit referendum an accident, a trail that still corrected, should be? Has two and a half years debating the British to repentance? Maybe. Sure is that a majority, meanwhile, understands that the membership of the European Union also advantages.

Empty coffers
That many of the older and lower skilled Brits on that damned junidonderdag in 2016 for the Brexit chose, was explainable: it was a voice to pay attention to their situation. Whom England drive, is often not happy with the living conditions. In the drab towns in the north of England, to the east and west coasts, or in the dilapidated suburbs of cities such as Manchester or Birmingham, you do not want to live.

Moreover, the referendum at a time that the draconian austerity measures of the government-Cameron, the country still deeper in the depression had pushed. Cameron was in 2010, premier has become, and had an empty treasure chest found. The budget deficit under the last Labour government of prime minister Gordon Brown had increased to 150 billion pounds. There had not only Labour to blame. The financial crisis affected the UK very hard hit, but Cameron had to intervene. Only he did it in such a rigorous way that the weak, there is a high toll to pay.
There was not more investment in housing, which makes the lack of decent houses gigantic. Recent research calculated that there are annually 340.000 homes should be built, and that until 2031. According to a UN report, life in the meantime fourteen million Britons are in poverty. That is 1 in 5. England is champion of the zero hour contracts. You will only be paid if there is work.

The one to blame for that extreme austerity was also in Brussels sought. In the once proud mining town of Barnsley put a ex-miner: ‘Why should we be afraid that our country after the Brexit worse off? The membership has this region not vooruitgeholpen. On the contrary, the ordinary worker is worse.’ All that pent up frustrations are reflected in the Brexit-voice and cost prime minister Cameron the head.

The plan? A meaningless oneliner
And then came Theresa May. Even though they are in the referendum against the exit had voted, she promised, the will of the people to carry. Initially, everyone thought that she would run loose. If someone is negotiating the separation with Europe to a good end, could bring it, it was May, built completely as a matter of duty and not opportunistic tafelspringer such as Boris Johnson or Michael Gove.

But quickly grew, especially in Brussels, the suspicion and the frustration. May succeeded, but not in a coherent Brexit plan to push forward. It remained a meaningless oneliner Brexit means Brexit. And while the Brussels negotiators all their onderhandelingsschema’s ready, waiting for a sign of life from London.

When they finally popped, it turned out May not be up to the task. One political blunder followed the other. Because they have little confidence in many of her party members – and because of the high testosterone content in many of them is there something to be said for that – bedisselde she Brexit strategy within a small group of like-minded people who are also disillusioned ophadden of the traditional Tory-clique.

But when she had her first real Brexit-speeches held, proved May for a hard Brexit. The UK had to the customs union, the internal market and the European Court of Justice if nothing more to say on British soil. In Brussels, the seat belt drawn and the ranks closed. May hit a collective of 27 united states right behind Ireland went. To her great frustration is that unit until today remained.

May piled up in the errors. They triggered article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon, whereby the clock began to tick. Exactly two years got the British to the divorce to settle and a new trade deal with the EU to figure out. Brussels has obtained in addition, that first the scheidingsmodaliteiten needed to be done, for there is about the future relationship spoken could be. May doubted and talmde. Theresa, Maybe it was her nickname.

May, Maybe, Maybot
When did the biggest mistake of her political career. She called for early elections. Was that put defensible. In 2017, she was become popular, thanks to Jeremy Corbyn who just keeps whining about the socialist utopia he wanted to create. May knew that she was in the house of Commons by a large majority for her Brexit-deal ever to get approved. For the hard brexiteers would never good enough.

But a case she had completely misjudged: they seemed to have no campagnedier. They could the people not enchanted. Theresa, Maybe it was Theresa Maybot, because they communicated like a robot. The elections were a big flop. In place of its majority, to strengthen, she lost that and she was more than ever at the mercy of the whims of its party members and Labour. May was a lame duck.

But there is a person responsible for the current catastrophe: Jeremy Corbyn. In order that the man still believes that he is the socialist utopia can be realized, he continues to stubbornly refuse to join with those who have the Brexit want to undo. Their number is the past few months certainly has grown, but as long as there is not a man who has the power of this project to a successful end, a second referendum was a distant and uncertain dream.

To the British house of Commons is against the current Labour leader protested. ‘Keir (Keir Starmer, the Brexit-schaduwminister, ed.) promised a second referendum if all the options fail. I will let my Labour membership if you promise not to comply, ” said Peter Hayden on a board is written.

But Hayden threatens to be a rude awakening to come. Corbyn is convinced that he is early elections will win. Then he would have Brexit negotiations with Brussels. A plan which no one believes, except Corbyn itself.

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