Hanne dances – Of nieuwsanker to prima ballerina

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A year ago, began VRT-journaalanker Hanne Decoutere on a great adventure. She wanted her meisjesdroom deliver: as a prima ballerina performing with a renowned ballet ensemble.

If all goes well, that dream to reality during a dansgala on Tuesday, February 12, in the concert hall in Bruges. Hanne will be there together with her partner Gabor Kapin the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet dancing in the choreography of Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo. In addition, there are those evening performances of Ballet Flanders, Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo. Dance studio Arabesque, and the winner of the dance competition Dancing with Hanne.

The dansgala is the apotheosis of the six-part series of Hanne dances. Therein, we follow the trajectory that Hanne the past year has made and guides us through the world of the ballet.


In Hanne dances will Hanne Decoutere back to her past as a dancer. When Hanne was six years old, she started in Zonhoven with balletlessen, with miss Ingrid Ceelen. “A small talented kid it was,” says miss Ceelen more than 30 years later, when Hanne returns to the balletschooltje where it all began.

But talent or not, Hanne is never a professional dancer and that is always a bit on the issue. How much they love her job at the news service also does, dancing is her passion. They would give everything to her meisjesdroom in performance to be seen and to sparkle on the dance floor. And that needs to happen NOW, because she is 38, the age at which you as a dancer, almost retired. On February 12, 2019 is the day. Then Hanne one last dance, along with Ballet Flanders in the great hall of the Concertgebouw Bruges. But all of that is hasn’t been easy, of course.

The process

Hanne has for Hanne dances a year, trained hard and rehearsed to the level of a real ballerina to achieve. In Hanne dances we see how that year has expired. It is also an introduction to the world of the ballet. Hanne met dancers, choreographers and coaches, but (unfortunately) also physiotherapists and physiotherapists. They let us get acquainted with the repertoire and to visit famous theatres in their own country, in Monaco and Venice.

Had to Hanne for her project looking for a ballet ensemble, a coach and a piece to dance to. And with success! Because the topensemble Ballet Flanders wanted to go with her into the sea. Former star dancer Geneviève Van Quaquebeke was willing Hanne to guide danscoach. She brings Hanne first time back to an acceptable physical level. Then Hanne looking for a piece to dance to. She has her sights set on the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet, a balletklassieker on music of Sergei Prokofiev, in the famous choreography of Jean-Christophe Maillot, the Ballet of Monte-Carlo. Hanne saw that performance ten years ago and was very impressed. Together with her coach Geneviève and her partner Gabor Kapin, Ballet Flanders, she should be Jean-Christophe Maillot to convince to play the role of Julia dancing.

“Actually, it is impossible”

Throughout the episodes, we understand better and better what it means to get along in the world of the ballet. Hanne must training hard and rehearsing, often balancing on the edge of an injury. “Dancers are like professional athletes, but you can the effort not to see. It should always be easy to be like you.” That says Nadia Deferm of the Royal ballet school of Antwerp when Hanne tells her that she is back ballerina wants to be. “I don’t know how you are going to succeed. I am very curious, but actually it is impossible.”

From the first row to see Hanne how topchoreografen their ballets to create and how top dancers they perform. She comes to know who are ever on the sadistic idea has come to women at the tip of their toes to dancing, and why. Because it is very difficult and often very painful. Unfortunately for Hanne is the role of Juliet danced on… pointes.

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