‘Gisele Bundchen is a poor Brazilian

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The new Brazilian minister of Agriculture has not for Gisele Bundchen. The top model, UN ambassador for agriculture, has in the past been repeatedly criticised the policy in her homeland. “She is a poor Brazilian,” says Tereza Cristina Dias.

As a UN ambassador has Bündchen twice criticised in her home country of Brazil. As mentioned the 38-year-old the plan of the new government to the ministries of Agriculture and Environment together is a disastrous idea. “It is potentially disastrous and irreversible.’ The merge was in the end not.

Earlier, she had also already called for the stopping of the law by which 600,000 acres of amazonian forest opened up would be for development. By its protest, the then-president for his veto.

‘Bad Brazilian

But Bündchen, who initiatives against deforestation and for clean water to support and for her activism is already a prize of the Harvard School of Medicine, is ” a poor Brazilian. That has Tereza Cristina Dias said in a radio interview. The new minister of Agriculture spared her criticism. ‘It is absurd what these statements do, with the image of Brazil, ” she says. ‘For one reason or another hangs on them a picture of Brazil and the industry is not at all correct.”

“I’m sorry, Gisele Bündchen’,” continues Dias. “You would be an ambassador and say that Brazil is a global leader in nature conservation, instead of criticizing without the facts.’

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