Fourteen arrests in operation against terrorist cell

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Fourteen persons were on Tuesday arrested in Barcelona and a nearby town, at a politieoperatie against a terrorist cell. That is learned at the Catalan regional police.

“The intention was an attack to commit, but we are still looking for what places,” said a spokesman of the regional police Mossos d ‘ Esquadra.

Fourteen people are so far arrested in the operation in Barcelona and Igualada, a small city about sixty kilometers from the Catalan capital. Thirteen people have been arrested in Barcelona, one in Igalada. The spokesman of the police said anything about their nationality, age and profile.

The regional police made Tuesday morning on Twitter known to be a antiterreuroperatie was started. The police carried out six searches in Barcelona and Igualada. More than 100 agents were deployed.

The operation took place on the orders of the Audiencia Nacional, the court in Madrid, who among other responsible for terrorism.

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