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Formula 1 makes simulations to new starting grid to try out

1876ddfe57c15ef2eb104c35d885b4ca - Formula 1 makes simulations to new starting grid to try out

Formula 1 makes use of their own simulations to make changes to the starting grid to try out in place of making use of Esports, as initially the plan was.

The former technical director for several F1 teams, Pat Symonds is currently working for the Formula 1. He should with all his experience, his views on any changes to the raceformat of an F1 race.
?Last year, Symonds still know that the world of Esports in this he could help but now he made known at the ‘Autosport International Show’ that the F1 might have chosen to self-simulations.
?“We want to make decisions that are based on evidence,” says Symonds. “Over the years we have grown to the current eight feet crossstacked preparation.”
?“We wondered what would happen if we the cars at the same height would. Maybe not with three or four next to each other, as was previously the case, but two by two.”
?“When you have something wants to try and do it in a physical way, you get of course a trivial answer. If the cars closer to each other, and they speed up all at the same pace then they will also shorter at each other when they are at the first bend coming.”
?“That you won’t want to know, you want to know what exactly is going to happen. So we have a simulation created by artificial intelligence but also where a person can participate in it.”
Formula 1 has worked hard to make its Esports platform from which to work in addition to the official F1 game. According to ‘Racing’ wasn’t an option to just get the game to use a reverse starting grid to simulate because the situation is not truthful.
A few days ago, Symonds even though, as opposed to ‘Racing’ to know that the F1 uses a inhaalsimulator purpose of the wheel-to-wheel racing to promote and more voltage to create.
The results of this simulation we would normally have to go to see on the new street circuit of the grand prix of Vietnam in 2020.
“That is the first track where we really have been involved. I think that we really have been able to understand what it takes to be good races. I think Vietnam is a beautiful circuit, it has some amazing properties and there is going to be good racing can be.”

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