Fleur van Groningen gave birth to first child

fd80d49a2c2dd5354789f99ffd1e2179 - Fleur van Groningen gave birth to first child

Cartooniste and columnist Fleur van Groningen yesterday gave birth to a son. That announced them Tuesday yourself on Instagram.

Good news for Fleur van Groningen (36) and her husband and also author Seppe van Groeningen (46). Three weeks after their marriage, the couple gave birth to a son named Rex.

The author of “Life without filter’ – a book in which she her own experience with high sensitivity describes – shared the joyous news on Instagram. “Yesterday was our son, Rex van Groeningen, born at 11:56u. But less than 4 kg, 53cm long. We are extremely happy…”, reads the caption. On the picture we see only the legs and right foot of the baby, around the ankle the ziekenhuislabel that the name of the newborn boy.

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