Famke Louise wants to set the example

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Famke Louise wants to set the example

January 15, 2019 07:53
15-01-19 07:53


Famke Louise sees the moment that they are converted from vlogs to music, as well as the moment that they set an example could fulfil.

“I want other girls who have something to experience to know that there is a way out,” says the singer, who is actually Famke Louise Meijer, about her number Without You in conversation with Faith. In the song she sings about her ex-boyfriend with whom they have a difficult relationship.

The 20-year-old singer says to pay attention to what she shows to her fans. “On my Instagram, I am not in the club with bottles of alcohol. You will not see any nitrous oxide. I dress me, sometimes challenging, but I do that because I want to, because I am happy with my body. I shave my legs, though, because I already have that, its not like sitting. I would be happy, then grew a jungle. I do those things not for a man. Yes, in that sense, would you do me a feminist.”

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