Doubts grow in Jan and Romina from a Farmer Seeks. Woman

Doubts grow in Jan and Romina from a Farmer Seeks. Woman

Jan and Romina found the love in each other during Farmer Seeks. Woman. The couple is still happy together, but recognises that the current situation is not long more it can last. “One of the two of us will his dream have to put that,” sounds at the couple.

In mid-december drew Romina to Australia to be there on the ranch of Jan to find out or there future was in their relationship. Real life is something else than a tv show. Romina was in Australia immediately faced with a terrible drama. Just for the holidays destroyed in a terrible storm the house of Jan. Meanwhile, Jan and Romina, however, settled in a new home and they have already encountered how they will respond to crisis situations. The misery had brought them even closer together.

Jan and Romina both indicate that the enormous good will between us. “It will only get better between us. I see it is fully seated with Romina,” says farmer Jan in Day All. Yet gather again thunderstorm clouds above the couple. Romina admits that they as a couple not just trail passed. Their first meeting happened for television cameras instead of at the pub and have a pint here. And that is not a natural process for a relationship to start.

It still feels Romina also that their bond only stronger. Romina has to Jan the feeling that they put him in centuries, know. For the first time in a long time, she can say that she is “genuinely happy” is… “And that is all the merit of Jan.” And in Jan, we read the same story in All of this: “If you are with someone really you can, understand each other and can talk about that a lot.” In addition, sharing the couple their passion for animals and nature. Yet the couple still for a heart-rending choice.

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