Canada and China to warn citizens to not visit each other’s country to travel

c4d9998844983fc45dda6a219e45bd64 - Canada and China to warn citizens to not visit each other's country to travel

Canada months Tuesday its citizens to be “extremely careful” if they go to China would travel due to the death of a Canadian. Then called on China are citizens to the risks to Canada to travel well in to treasures. Both countries are strained since Canada’s cfo of Huawei has picked up in december.

Canada paste Tuesday its travel advice for China and called its citizens to ” be cautious in China because of the risk of arbitrary enforcement of local laws’. The Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau said Monday that the death of Schellenberg ‘extremely worrying’.

As a reaction to this paste China travel advice for Canada. The country warns its citizens to take the risk to travel well in to treasures ” because a Chinese citizen ‘random’ was arrested at the request of the US.

Death penalty

The Canadian Robert Lloyd Schellenberg (36) was in november sentenced to a prison sentence of fifteen years and a fine of 19,000 euro for the smuggling of 222 kilograms of crystal meth. Monday said the Chinese Court, however, the death penalty, because the punishment is too mild found.

Two other Canadians were also arrested for ‘endangering national security’. Observers see the arrest and the sentencing to death a retaliation from Beijing because of the arrest of Huawei-topvrouw Meng Wanzhou.

Canada arrested in december, Huawei cfo Meng Wanzhou at the request of the United States. The US suspects Wanzhou of bankfraude and to trade actions against Iran to have violated. The US asked immediately her extradition. China reacted furiously and threatened with harsh countermeasures. Since then, life in Canada and China at odds.

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