Bolsonaro want Gisele Bundchen at his side

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The Brazilian government-Bolsonaro wants of its environmentally unfriendly image. By Gisele Bundchen on board, wants the president to be a showcase of his influential political cynic.

The Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro, who have never made any secret that he women but inferior, Gisele Bündchen asked whether they ambassador wants to be. The 38-year-old …

The Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro, who have never made any secret that he women but inferior, Gisele Bündchen asked whether they ambassador wants to be. The 38-year-old gorgeous Brazilian model was the face of Chanel, she showed the designs of Versace, Givenchy and Dior, she was for many years a Victoria’s Secret Angel, a winged, long-legged angel in lingerie posing.

A taste for beautiful women is just one of the traits that the far-right, nationalist president of Brazil has in common with Donald Trump. But Gisele is Melania.

The best paid model in the world

Bündchen has her life and a part of her money – she is, even now that they are no parades more runs, the best paid model in the world – donated to good causes. So she has the Luz Foundation, an ngo for poor children supports, and is since 2009 Goodwillambassadrice for the environment for the United Nations.

Her interest in environmental issues grew when she was a time with an Indigenous tribe in the rain forest stayed. She saw there how the tribe was threatened by water pollution and deforestation. When they are back in the inhabited world was, she designed her Ipanema-sandaallijn to raise money for water projects in the rain forest or the rescue of the sea turtles. In 2008 she started together with her father, the Projeto Água Limpa (Project Clean Water), environmental sustainability promoted in her homeland. In the cartoon ‘Gisele and the green team’, she draws the attention of girls on the environment and on its green blog she writes about environmental issues for a solution as well. She also worked on a National Geographicdocumentary about the endangered rainforest.

Protectress of the rainforest

With her celebritystatus she has and can achieve. In 2017 she was the previous president of Brazil, Michel Temer, to convince his veto against the felling of 600,000 hectares of protected rainforest. Her tweet ” It is our mission to mother Earth to protect @MichelTemer, say please NO to less protection of the rainforest’ got on Twitter a positive response from the president, whose friends, however, in the agribusiness sit.

When Jair Bolsonaro after his election victory announced that he will be the ministries of Agriculture and Environment, wanted to merge, he came Bundchen on Twitter. Together with the environmentalists pointed out that such a merger would have been fatal for the environment. It seems that her work has thuisgehaald, the government-Bolsonaro has a minister of Agriculture and minister of Environment.

Bolsonaro realize that Bündchen are government closely in the eye. He won the elections thanks to the support of landowners that pieces of the rainforest want to take over. His minister of Agriculture, Tereza Cristina Dias, this week the attack on the model used. She thinks that Bündchen and her land in a false light by ” without any knowledge of bad things to tell you’. They suggested that Bündchen is a better bet for Brazil, the ambassador of the environmental policy of the government, and promised that the top model is a formal invitation would be given.

For Bolsonaro, it would be a great PR stunt, as Bündchen the offer would accept. But why would she do that?

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