Acteursvakbond Hollywood angry at Oscar organisation

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The union of Hollywoodacteurs SAG-AFTRA has had a big out at the Academy, the organization behind the Oscars. According to the acteursvakbond forces the Academy actors who, in February, Oscar will be reaching out not to appear in other awardceremonies.

“We have multiple reports that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences extraordinary a lot of unwanted pressure on people to dissuade them to other awardshows to appear,” said the union in a statement yesterday, went out to the American media.

An anonymous source of Variety puts it more clearly: “Where it comes down to is that people hear that when they award award at another show, they are no longer allowed to do at the Oscars.”

The bond shall, in the statement: “The awardsperiode is a special time where actors and actresses in the spotlight be put and the quality of their work is being recognised. You can the Academy expect that they are behind this goal.”

The organiser of the Oscars responded yesterday, not on the request of different media on a response.

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