‘Widow’ Freddie Mercury earned all hallucinatory amount to film the ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

She was the only woman in the life of the Queen, a singer, and was his greatest heir. Recently, she is there still some extra well-to-do now the life of her lover and best friend was filmed and worldwide success.

To the film “Bohemian Rhapsody”, a worldwide hit was, and well on the road for more than a billion euros recettes to pass muster, had virtually none of her heard. Mary Austin was the only woman in the life of the Queen, a singer and still lives in the 28 rooms storey house in West London, where she is in the seventies introkken, with an estimated value of more than 22 million.

Mary passes now, thanks to the success of the film again at the box office. The British newspaper Daily Mail has calculated that they are getting royalties for about 44.8 million euro as a result.

Their love story, the film touched on it, is special. Mary was 19, he was 24 and not yet famous, when they friends were and a relationship received. They became engaged, but married, it was never because Freddie and his love for men not want to ignore.

Mary and he continued to love deeply with each other friends, until his tragic death from aids in 1991. She was also his main imprisonment: and was his principal heir. She still gets half of the proceeds from Mercury’s musical legacy, the other half goes to his family.

Not only is there a lot of his work in the film, also on radio stations is a lot more Queen to hear than before. Through the film, and their music worldwide in the interest and the annual settlement about 2018 and later 2019 undoubtedly much higher than in the last ten years.

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