Voice recorder crashed aircraft Lion Air found

285858c176a72123bb45df8e2babbcb6 - Voice recorder crashed aircraft Lion Air found

Indonesia has the voice recorder was found of the plane more than two months ago near Jakarta in the sea has crashed. All 189 occupants were killed.

The past days it was a weak signal collected from the recorder. Eventually, he is covered in mud at such a depth of 30 metres have been found.

The voice recorder from the cockpit is one of the two black boxes that are crucial in an investigation into a plane crash. The other black box with the flight details was three days after the aviation disaster to ” be found.

Researchers said earlier that the Boeing 737 Max with technical problems faced. On a previous flight, there were more unusual variations in altitude and airspeed registered.

The plane crashed on the 29th of October, about ten minutes after take-off. The flight was from Jakarta to Pangkal Pinang.

The Boeing 737 Max is a new device that is only since 2017 on the market.

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