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Vandoorne: “A long career in the Formula, E is the goal”

93fa7127ecd2a6ab9de3bf7af8d36e5a - Vandoorne: "A long career in the Formula, E is the goal"

Stoffel Vandoorne has let us know that he is counting on a long stay in Formula E with HWA and Mercedes, that he told, as opposed to ‘e-racing365.’

Then last year it became clear that Stoffel Vandoorne outside the F1-boat was going to fall for 2019 offered Toto Wolff him a way out in the form of a seat in Formula E with HWA. The German formation is currently still at the start with a Venturi-klantenmotor but from 2020 they will go through life as the factory team of Mercedes.

The season for Stoffel Vandoorne and the new HWA-formation of a false start. The new cars know a lot of technical problems and to make matters worse came the two HWA-riders onzacht with each other, in touch at the start of the E-Prix of Marrakech.

If we have an interim evaluation after two races, we see that Vandoorne and team-mate Gary Paffett still puntenloos at the back of the peloton dangle.

However, it is not all doom and gloom for Stoffel because he knew all of two times the most votes to collect for the fanboost, and he could in Marrakech with ENERGY@home, a new personal sponsor proposals.

Vandoorne is counting on a long stay in Formula E and would like to be part of the project, in which Mercedes to work.

“I see this definitely as a project for the long term and I am happy with HWA in this area can debut,” said Vandoorne. “Here, I want to be sure to be part of it, that is the clear goal. I know where the team wants to go, they are very clear about their goals.”

He describes 2019 as an important year for HWA, that in the past the DTM program was responsible for Mercedes and this year its debut in the Formula E makes. Vandoorne also thinks that his relationship with ex-F1 engineer Tony Ross him in the future will benefit.

“I’ve always loved the technical aspect of the cars, and I am eager to be involved in the development. It will be an important year for us and it is important to make as many as possible to collect data and to build so that Mercedes next year.”

“We all know what a professional engineer is Mercedes and that they are the best in everything in which they participate. That is the clear purpose and at this time we have the responsibility to do everything in the right direction.”

“Working with Tony has been really positive. A lot of people forget that he’s also new in the FE but I see a lot of positive things in working with him and with the entire team,” concludes Vandoorne.

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