Tuesday in The Application

3df4eb6586f5cbe965258443e2e132ca - Tuesday in The Application

Tomorrow in episode 2 of The Application hopes to De Cliént, the hair salon where well-known Flemish child at home, a cut hairdresser to tie in to reinforce the team. Celebritykapster Selda Karabag leads the job interview together with her right hand, Piet Van Eeckhoutte. One of the outstanding candidates by the Armenian Varduhi. She is looking for her first job in a Belgian salon. “My father works for the Armenian secret service and for the security we are to Belgium. It is not easy to find work, but I hope I get the chance to prove what I can do”, says Varduhi. She tries Selda and Piet to convince of its distinct flavor.

Also the other candidates to form a colourful multicultural company. For Rkia is hairdressing a late vocation, but now she is ready to give all. Despite the many experiences is Stien is still looking for the right spot where they really belongs. Her striking style is at Selda in the taste. Sainabou makes a good impression at Selda and Piet. They can but not mention about her ravishing look. A practical kapperstest should clarify.

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