Trump wants ‘Turkey economic destroy if the Kurds attack

1f648404f114e0a3de893979a5dc721d - Trump wants ‘Turkey economic destroy if the Kurds attack

The American president threatens Turkey economic destroy if the country is Kurdish troops in Syria attacks. To the Kurds, he asked Ankara not to provoke.

‘Turkey will economically destroy them if they get the Kurds to take’, tweet Trump. “I would also not that the Kurds in Turkey provoke.’ The president spoke also of a safety zone of 32 kilometres, but gave not details.

The Kurds, an ally of the US in the north of Syria, fear that after the withdrawal of American soldiers from the country for an attack by Turkey. Ankara regards the Kurdish fighters as terrorists.

Trump thinks that the US is already a lot in the past Syria had to turn back. But he also says that the US ” what is still left of the IS-caliphate’ still hard will take.

In december, the U.s. president via Twitter suddenly reported that he and the two thousand American soldiers would immediately withdraw from the north and east of Syria. With the Americans out would be the influence of Turkey in that region increase.

The American presence prevented that Turkey along with Syrian rebels continue to battle against the Kurdish ‘Volksbeschermingseenheden’ (YPG) of Northern Syria, about an autonomous Kurdish state.

Erdogan was further understood that the Turkish army ‘largely’ is ready for a new offensive in Northern Syria.

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