Tom Waes are looking for pain candidates for ‘Camp Waes’

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Waes is searching for candidates for a particular tv-program: Camp Waes. In Camp Waes let Tom ordinary citizens for the first time in history a taste of what the grueling training of the Special Forces Group of the Belgian army means. Which Special Forces are known as the hypergetrainde military personnel who at any moment can be used for each type of command.

The admission tests and training of the Special Forces are legendary heavy, with a very low success rate. Both physically and mentally to candidates in the Special Forces to the utmost. In addition, they are the most diverse skills tested: orientation, techniques, observation techniques… and all that in very challenging circumstances.

Tom Waes: “All my life, I am fascinated by people who are both physically and mentally to the limit. And on that plane are the members of the Special Forces may be the allerstrafsten in our country. A program in cooperation with them, that must be the fireworks produce.”

The Special Forces are a small and very discreet unit. Also for them, this is so a particular project. Special Forces: “For the first time, we want for this program giving citizens the opportunity to enjoy our training and exercises to be able to taste it. Also for us it is an experiment, because we have no idea how ‘ordinary’ citizens will respond to this. Generally, it is stated that only 2 percent of the population have the right capabilities to succeed. And even then.”

Who feels called, can now register for Camp Waes via the website One. Both men and women can, of course, candidate will set, program participants must be at least 18 years of age.

Those who register, but best sport, because the real Special Forces operator must be in peak physical condition. A well-known test in the Special Forces is, for example, the it iberico ham Run: a running part, with a backpack of 20 kg 8 km must pass in 50 minutes. But also mentally, to be candidates during the training constantly on the grid placed and challenged. The perfect challenge for people who themselves really agree to the utmost wants to float.

To register for the program:

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