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The headlines of the past crypto-week

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The Blockchain and the crypto world is full of innovations, conjectures, and sometimes completely wrong predictions. If you missed the Top Stories this week, this article provides a comprehensive overview of the Top headlines. In the world of Cryptocurrency and the Blockchain, a lot has happened. Here is a brief summary of the events:

Ledger introduces the Nano-X

The new Ledger Nano-X

The French company Ledger made it known today that its flagship product, the world’s best-selling Hardware Wallet “Ledger Nano S” a successor. Even higher level of security, Bluetooth support, built-in rechargeable battery, and the extension of the internal App storage to make the device even better than the predecessor. In addition, will appear at the end of January a mobile Version of the “Ledger Live”Software, with which you can manage in connection with his Smartphone and the Nano-X on-the-go convenient and safe with his crypto-currencies.

The new Ledger was on 6. Januaryin the part of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. From the looks of it also Ledger has recognized that the Smartphone-compatible products are always more in demand than products that only work with PC or Laptops. Probably the Smartphones have been integrated therefore, in the Ledger Software.

Julian Hosps‘ resignation of TenX

The resignation of Julian Hosp

Julian Hosp of the former President and Co-Founder of TenX announced in a Youtube Video for his resignation. Hosp stated that he and the other TenX founders have come in the planning of the year 2019 to the conclusion that it was Best for all Concerned if he will kick from his Post as President and TenX leaves.

TenX offers to its customers a platform that consists of a crypto debit card, a Bank account and a Wallet. The advantage of the TenX card is that you do not need to convert in contrast to other crypto-debit card, his crypto-Assets before Paying in FIAT money, but the Whole thing in real time at the Moment of payment is done. To be able to TenX use, it will need a Wallet at TenX, and either the TenX Smartphone App or the TenX Computer Software.

Ethereum Hardfork


After Reaching the 7.080.000 block of the Ethereum Constantinople, the Hard Fork will take place, a couple of Changes bring. Among other things, the Reward for the Miner of 3 ETH/Block 2 ETH/Block is reduced.

The Constantinople Hard Fork, however, is only a milestone on the way to Ethereums “Serenity“, in which the Proof-of-Work Protocol to Proof-of-Stake to be converted. The decision for the Constantinople Hardfork was taken on 06.12.2018, with an average block time of ~14,5 s can be assumed that the Constantinople Hardfork will go on 16.01.2019 on the stage. Basically, you do not need to make too much thoughts about the Fork. However, it is likely that there will be some problems with the Nodes, as these should also be updated.

Euro Exim Bank of London uses Ripples XRP

London Bank used Ripples XRP

The London-based Euro Exim Bank, which focuses mainly on economic Services for Import & Export company, will use Ripples XRP, for Cross-Border payments. On Tuesday, Ripple, announced that the Bank XRP and XRapid will use for the elimination of liquidity problems and the high fees, which in the case of international transactions occur.

Ripple announced a short time ago, the cooperation with 13 new companies for the Ripple network. With companies like Euro Exim Bank, SendFriend, JNFX, FTCS, Ahli Bank of Kuwait, Transpaygo, BFC Bahrain, ConnectPay, GMT, WorldCom, Finance, Olympia Trust Company, Pontual/USEND, and Rendimento. Through these collaborations, the number of RippleNet customers rose to over 200.

51% attack on Ethereum Classic

51% attack

Coinbase has been found in the Ethereum Classic Blockchain is a Modification of the Chain, the Double-Spends allowed. Shortly thereafter, the Coinbase Team discovered eight more Changes, or “Re-innovation” of the Chain, which actually Double-Spends have been executed, which 88.500 ETC (~460.000$) were lost. Due to these events, some Exchanges began to adjust the Etherereum Classic Trading temporarily.

The security officer of Coinbase, Mark Nesbitt explained that the on the ETHash-algorithm-based Proof-of-Work System of Ethereum Classic had been a victim of “repeated“ Block “reorgs“. What this means simply stated that it is Unknown in the recent past is managed Changes, or “Reorganisation“ in the Ethereum Classic Blockchain to fake transactions and steal Coins.

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