Stabbed the Polish mayor in danger

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The mayor of the Polish city of Gdansk, Pawel Adamowicz, is fighting for his life after being on stage at a charity event for thousands of people is stabbed.

“He is very, very serious’, says Tomasz Stefaniak, doctor in the university hospital of Gdansk, where the partijloze mayor on the night of Sunday to Monday in five-hour long surgery. According to him, the mayor injuries to the heart, the diaphragm and the organs in the abdomen. “The injuries were quite heavy.’

It is still uncertain whether Adamowicz will win, says Jerzy Karpinski, head of the health services in the region. ‘Adamowicz remains to the devices attached, it is uncertain whether he will survive. He has a huge amount of blood lost, which has led to a hypoxia.’

In hypoxia, get the tissues have insufficient oxygen. ‘The following 15 to 20 hours will be decisive.’


According to eyewitnesses called the offender that he was innocent five years in the cell was, and he gave the party PO the blame for his incarceration. Adamowicz was until 2015, member of the citizens ‘ platform (PO), now in the opposition in Poland. He is since 1998, mayor of Gdansk.

To movies is to see how the 27-year-old perpetrator on the stage stood and applauded after the mayor had been stabbed, until security forces him overmeesterden. He had a prison sentence served for a bank robbery, and was just recently released.

Various Polish politicians condemned the attack. Minister of the Interior Joachim Bruzinski talked about a ‘barbaric act’. Prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki said that the attack ‘strongly condemned’. President Andrzej Duda asked the Poles to the wounded with thoughts and prayers.

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