Sequel to ‘The Social Network’ coming up?

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In an interview with AP Entertainment did Aaron Sorkin, the script of ‘The Social Network’ to take over, knowing that he is with the idea plays in order to write a sequel because “a lot happened since the end of the film.”

The movie is about the story behind the creation of Facebook dates back to 2010, and according to Sorkin would be the time so ripe for a sequel.

In an interview with AP Entertainment told Sorkin that he “knows a lot more about Facebook in 2005 than in 2018. But I know enough to be able to say that a sequel should be. There are also a lot of interesting things happened since the lawsuit with the Winklevoss twins and Eduardo Saverin, with which the film ends.”

Over the past years, the social network is increasingly under fire. For example, there was the Russian hackschandaal in the context of the U.s. presidential election in 2016.

The original film won eight Oscarnominaties in the guard, of which the three could redeem. Facebookoprichter Mark Zuckerberg, however, was not a fan of the story and described it as “painful”.

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