Rescue workers search for toddler in a 110-meter-deep pit, fell

In Spain on Sunday, a 2-year-old child in a deep and narrow pit cases. There is a rescue operation was set up.

The incident took Sunday about 14 hours during a family holiday in Totalán, a municipality in the province of Málaga. The boy fell during a walk in a prospectiegat, a pit which was dug in order to go in search of water.

110 metres deep, 25 cm wide

The conditions for the workers are very difficult: the vent hole of the pit is only 25 inches wide, and therefore inaccessible to an adult. Also, it is not clear where Yulen is. Via a camera, the team could determine that at a depth of about 75 metres of earth piled up, but the child they could not yet perceive. In the worst case, it can mean that a landslide has occurred and the child does it.

Bag of sweets

Sunday evening the rescue workers a bag of candy to be found, according to the parents was that of Yulen. The circumstances of his fall are still very vague. According to Spanish media, investigating the police is indeed different slopes: a accident or something else.

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