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Red Cross buys tv ads during commercial first aid tips

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During the new season of ‘Topdokters’ Four wants to the Red Cross through commercials, the first aid knowledge of the Flemish people, jack.

The Red Cross has for his campaign of ten spots. Each time, they handle a single incident that often occurs when working in house or working in the garden. ‘Head injuries, for example, but heavy bleeding or a verslikking’, says spokesman Ine Tassignon.

The videos are created by artist MATT and produced by Woestijnvis itself, the production company behind Topdokters. ‘In the first place, they need to save lives. At the end of each video to get viewers practical tips for first aid. How to make a bleeding must stop, for example, or a victim stabilizes. Then, we refer to our website, where everything is even in the classical way, is explained.’

The style of the spots is slightly out of the pot ripped’, report Four. A break with the bravo’s image of the Red Cross. “We want to rejuvenate,” says Tassignon. “We have 13.000 volunteers who do fantastic work, but their average age is rising. We hope more young people to convince to join. At the same time, we note that some of our supporters are not a fan of the new approach.’ The Red Cross received Four discount on the ad space, but even then, this will be a major investment.

The docuserie Topdokters, about the life and work of renowned Flemish doctors, is a fixed value at the transmitter. At the end of January begins the sixth season. At the beginning of last year, watched every week, each time half a million people. One of the new faces this season is professor Ann Smeets, borstchirurg in the UZ Leuven. She got two years ago the diagnosis of breast cancer.

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