Qmusic brings singles together on Valentine’s day

Qmusic brings singles together on Valentine's day

“During the special period is the question most asked is to singles: do you have a love? That can for many be frustrating. If you are still single and you’ve been swiping on Tinder or useless become fed up with dating? Then we have from Q found something. Within a month, on Valentine’s day, we will organize a Q-MasQuerade. A kind of masquerade ball for singles. We hope that those singles out there the man or woman of their life”, announced Qmusic-dj Maureen Vanherberghen this morning in the ochtendshow of Qmusic.

Everyone can from now on via the website of Qmusic fill out a questionnaire, which is prepared by sexologist Wim Slabbinck and advanced training in relational matters Margo Van Landeghem. Maureen filled the list itself: “We go also with all Q-dj’s fill in, who knows what kind of dj’s on our floor was a match,” she laughed.

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