New suspect held for doodrijden ‘yellow jacket’

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The Dutch trucker who has been arrested for the death of a ‘yellow jacket’ in Visé, near Liège, is released. He had nothing to do with the collision. Another suspect with an identical truck was arrested.

A new Dutch defendant was Monday morning arrested, says the spokesperson of the Liège public prosecutor. It would have to be a resident of Landgraaf. Our country demands his surrender. The facts are currently defined as murder, pending on more information about the drama.

There would be a substitution. The truck of the 56-year-old man from taos, new mexico would be identical to the truck of the man from Limburg. Therefore, it is the wrong license plate written down by a witness and the man was from taos, new mexico Saturday held. ‘It is all very annoying that the wrong person was apprehended,” says a politiewoordvoerder. “He knew nothing at all.’ The proper defendant would in the meantime also been arrested, in a different region.

The 56-year-old driver was Saturday arrested at the request of the Belgian authorities. He was suspected of intentionally starting a protester on the highway at Visé, just across the border from Maastricht. But he turns out to be not at all involved in the collision, and is also not suspicious, says police. Also the truck of the man who Friday night late has been seized, is returned.

The accident happened Friday at 19.00 hours during a blockade of the motorway to Maastricht by twenty people in yellow vests. That is blocked at the level of the Belgian town of Visé one lane to express their displeasure about the policy of the government. Cars were allowed through, no trucks. According to witnesses, accelerated a truck when two of the protesters the way wanted to block. Roger Borlet, 49 years of age, came under the wheels of the lorry and died on the spot.

The police ordered the truck drivers to drive to another car park to prevent the protesters would fight back. The driver waited, however, are not the agents in the parking lot, but drove by.

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