More avalanche risk in Germany and Austria: Belgian ski fit program

f2c46031096028ac0eec1f5bd43d669a - More avalanche risk in Germany and Austria: Belgian ski fit program

The alpes region makes itself Monday for a new winter offensive with again an increased risk of avalanches. Belgian tour operators that skireizen offer in that region, adjust their program.

In Austria by the severe winter weather at least a dozen places down, and around 180 of the streets are blocked. The danger of avalanches is now increased again in comparison with this weekend, especially in the provinces of Vorarlberg and Tyrol. In the first region fell Monday morning, 65 to 100 inches of new snow, and in the course of the day, another 30 to 50 cm is expected. In the region of Salzburg are according to the authorities, as a result of the snow 17,000 people stranded.

In Balderschwang, in the south of Germany, became a hotel by an avalanche hit, but according to the police fell, no-one is injured. The municipality is since Sunday from the rest of the world cut off as a result of the increased risk of avalanches on the road to the village.

Another consequence is that the lower-lying regions, where the temperatures are lower and there is less snow is accumulated, to be confronted with the risk of flooding. To do so, according to the authorities, only fields and meadows flooded, but further vigilance is warranted in some areas, police said.

Switzerland is also affected and in certain areas is also true with the highest level of alarm for avalanches.

For many homeowners in the alpes region is the nervous wait to see if their roofs from the weight of so much snow to handle.

Skireizen just go by

From our country as far as we know no skireizen to these regions was canceled.

Josk travel follows the situation on the foot, it sounds. “We will take the necessary measures if the ski resort and/or hotel is unavailable, as well as if the ski area closed. To date, all planned to travel through.’

Stops right outside currently has no bus rides to the ski resort. “We drive only in march to over there’, says the.

Bus trips Lauwers currently has one bus with tourists in Austria. “We have our program of necessity adapted and continue to monitor the situation closely. For the moment, no trips to that region cancelled because most of the roads are in a good condition.”

Snowtravel in Hasselt rides almost every day to Austria. ‘Last week we took one detour. But, in general, are the roads fairly good condition. Provisionally, we continue to drive so, unless the situation now, for example, would deteriorate and the government’s roads would be shut down. We follow the situation closely and would never put people at risk. But if it can, we drive. Otherwise our customers their money lost, because a travel insurance covers the costs if a trip must be canceled due to too much snow.’

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