Missy Elliott as the first female rapper included in the Hall of Fame

Along with Cat Stevens (Yusuf), John Prine, Tom T. Hall, Dallas Austin and Jack Tempchin, Missy Elliott this year to be included in the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Elliott is the first female rapper with that honor.

After Jay-Z and Jermaine Dupri is Elliott in addition, only the third rapper who joins the Hall of Fame.

Elliott is best known for her albums ‘Under Construction’ (2002), ‘This Is Not a Test” (2003) and ‘The Cookbook’ (2005).

Nile Rodgers, the chairman of the Songwriters Hall of Fame, said: “very proud to have some of the most important songwriters to acknowledge. The list includes both diversity and unity, about the genres, what’s our mission to musicians who have our lives enriched to have to honor. These are songwriters that the music is transformed and made into what it is today.”

Elliott sent via Twitter her gratitude to the world. “I want everyone who this year will join the Song Writers Hall of Fame to congratulate. I am so grateful to have.”

The official ceremony will take place on 13 June.

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