May: ‘No Brexit more likely than no deal’

c8439345909a016430d87a92a96fed29 - May: ‘No Brexit more likely than no deal’

The British prime minister, Theresa May launches an ultimate attempt to gain support for its Brexit-deal.

According to May will be the parliament the Brexit earlier block without agreement from the EU. That warning in a speech to factory workers in Stoke-on-Trent.

“I ask the members of parliament to the consequences of their actions to consider for the faith of the British people in our democracy’, is in the speech.

The British prime minister appoints the members of the parliament, there again, that it is ‘their duty’ is to the outcome of the referendum. Read: her Brexit-deal approve. If that does not happen, then that will according to May, the confidence in the politically catastrophic damage.


Tuesday following the vote on the agreement May with the 27 EU member states, has concluded. Normally had at the beginning of december all to take place, but May asked at the last minute postponement because they have no majority could be found. A second postponement is no longer possible.

May had hoped for additional concessions from Europe los to weeks – especially over the settlement of the Irish grenskwestie – but Brussels would not know about it.

The deal put to a vote, is thus identical with that of december and that is why everyone assumes that May be a humiliating defeat ahead. Labour let all know that she is in that case a vote of confidence in will questions. Jeremy Corbyn wants to early elections.

Meanwhile, in the house of Commons as an anti-Brexitfront formed. The group wants at any price to prevent the Brexit leads to a catastrophic no deal.


If the Brexit-deal Tuesday, is voted out of office, Theresa May is still three business days to a plan B to come. About it on January 21 to vote. On 29 march, the Uk should leave the EU, with or without a deal, except when members of parliament to Brexit postpone or cancel.

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