Macron has 32 questions for the French population

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On the eve of the ‘National Debate’ writes the French president Emmanuel Macron in an open letter to the French population. Macron has 32 questions, of taxation to ecology. ‘This is how I used your anger to translate into solutions.’

In a long letter outlines president Macron the main outlines of the so-called ‘National Debate’. Macron organizes the National Debate as a response to the if applicable to protests from the Yellow Shirts. There are all over France debates organised. Macron wants, so together with the French to seek a negotiated solution. The whole process takes a few months.

Today publishes Macron a ‘letter to the French population’. Within the four domains (taxation, the organisation of the State, the ecological transition and citizenship), the French president has 32 questions for the population. How to organize a fair and efficient tax system? There are too many levels of government? How should we view the ecological transition fund? We need compulsory voting to enter? How can we integrate better?

Not contract

“I need you to be in the coming weeks to discuss these questions, determine our future, to answer,’ writes Macron. ‘This is how I used your anger to translate into solutions. Your proposals will ensure that we have a new contract to be able to establish for the nation, we the actions of the government and the parliament structure, just as the position of France at European and international level’, says Macron.

The president draws, however, also some red lines. ‘We’re not going to go back on the measures we have taken to more investments or to ensure that work is more beneficial,” he says, without explicitly referring to the tax on big fortunes (ISF), which the yellow shirts want to re-see. “We can’t tax cuts continue to make without the general level of our public expenditure to reduce it’, he warns. Other themes that the protesters close to your heart, such as marriage for all, abortion or the death penalty, please write the Macron is not in his letter.

Marine Le Pen, the radical right-wing Rassemblement National (formerly National Front) launched, incidentally, today its campaign for the European elections in may. She calls the Yellow Bibs on to make the elections a referendum on the policies of Macron.

Tensions between police and activists

In Paris, meanwhile, is still 111 protesters who on Saturday were arrested after the protests of the yellow shirts. Fifteen arrested activists are at the disposal of the court for a possible prosecution. That informs the public prosecutor of Paris Sunday night.

Saturday went in France, about 84.000 activists protest against the government on the street. It was the ninth weekend in a row that the yellow shirts were protesting. In Paris and other French cities, it came to tensions between the police and activists.

In the capital, took the police Saturday in a total of 167 people on, inter alia, for ” participation in a group to violence, to commit illegal carrying firearms, and violence against agents. Eventually landed, 155 activists, including six minors, in the cell. Of them sitting there on Sunday-111.

In Nancy, where on Saturday a small 100 protesters took to the street, picked up the police and also a lawyer. He would be the protesters, who in a peaceful way war, have called for riot to sow. The lawyer, a member of the bar of Epinal, it was by the police brought for questioning and later released. He should be likely to later have to justify to the court.

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