#LikeMe – Janine Bishops sing “I am happy that I am not forgotten”

183aacb4b57cdfef996332808c6dbc95 - #LikeMe - Janine Bishops sing "I am happy that I am not forgotten"

Sunday was the first episode of #LikeMe broadcast on Ketnet. #LikeMe is a new fiction series with a high musicalgehalte. The series contains a lot of operations of Flemish and Dutch classics, such as ‘I love you’ by Paul De Leeuw and This is the very first time of Rita De Neve.

In the first episode, #NEWLIFE, you could get acquainted with Caro, she’s going for the first time to a new school, after she and her parents moved to Antwerp. The family moves in with Caro’s grandmother, a role that is played by none other than Janine Bishops. Janine, who for the occasion, a white hairstyle appropriately received, acted not only in #LikeMe. In #NEWLIFE you could find her singing at work.

Janine sang an adaptation of ‘I am happy that I am not forgotten’, a track from the Amsterdam an entertainer Joost Nuissl.

In addition, you could in the first episode of an operation to hear of the Rotterdam Gerard Cox ’t Is weer voorbij, that beautiful summer.

Every Sunday is a new episode aired on Ketnet around 8.55 pm. The first episode missed? On the TV Replay you watch the program for up to 36 hours later, when you want!

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