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Legal battle to subsidies for sporthype padel

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The success of the racket sport padel leads to a lawsuit between Tennis Vlaanderen and Padel Vlaanderen. Inset: the claim of the new hype – and especially the matching grants.

You speak it as ‘padèl’, with the emphasis at the back. And tennis clubs may not be fast enough fields to build for this young sport, a sort of cross between tennis and squash.

“It is the fastest growing sport in Flanders,” says Gijs Kooken of Tennis Vlaanderen. ‘You’re soon to 6 or 7,000 people who are now in league play, or who is a member of a club.’

That success now leads to a lawsuit. “We were with padel started: we organized the first matches, we organize the people that a site wanted to put in,” says Jan Bonnarens of Padel Vlaanderen. “And then Tennis Flanders us copied and done.’

Council of State

Tennis Vlaanderen started a year or two ago with a private operation, and private leagues. “They are getting subsidies of Sport in Flanders: 90,000 euros per year, for four years,” says Bonnarens. “I can’t. Tennis Flanders tennis offer to its members. They are a so-called unisportfederatie legally but one sport may represent. But by padel as a doorslagje of tennis to sell, palms that completely. Therefore we have the staff to dismiss and tens of thousands of euros damage ago.’

The subsidies of Sport in Flanders are the stakes of a lawsuit that Padel Vlaanderen has brought. The organization stepped to the Council of State to padel on the list of official sports.

In Tennis, Flanders says Kooken that there are ‘numerous attempts have been Padel Vlaanderen for an agreement to come’. But that is not successful. ‘Padel is present in the extension of tennis, ” says Kooken. “We had so many questions of our clubs that we not otherwise had to listen to them.’

The flemish minister of Sport Philippe Muyters (N-VA) does not want to discuss the content of the lawsuit. “But for getting subsidies, Padel Vlaanderen be recognized as a federation. There you need a minimum number of members for and a link with an international federation. That is not the case.’

How do you play padel?

Padel is a racket sport that now comes from South America. You play alone or in double, in an area that is smaller than a tennis court and surrounded by glass or concrete walls. Your racquet has no strings but is made entirely of plastic. The ball remains in the game as he first touches the ground and then the walls. That allows for longer rallies. The scoring is done like in tennis.

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