Josje overcome by emotions

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It goes fantastic with Josje Huisman. The former blonde of K3 enjoy early motherhood. Less than three weeks ago, Josje, on christmas day, the proud mama of a baby boy. Currently enjoying Josje together with the papa of their little one for Kamari. Last week there was already a first walk outside in the sun.Josje feels good as a mom of Kamari, already discovered every day something new. Mama you’re not from one day to the other. To say that is Josje “a little tired, but fulfilled.” Now she’s mom, there are other priorities in her life, that much is certain. Kamari is now on the first place and ashamed Josje is absolutely not for. “My hair is messy. I have no time/desire to make-up to do. My clothes are often covered spit/milk. I klungel maybe here and there. Sometimes, overcome by emotions… “, writes Josje on Instagram Stories. “All the clichés about mother to be be true… but see what it is like to be a child to have.. I have a feeling that I never in my sheet was. My body is different, but I’m proud of it. And, well, maybe that lack of sleep still weigh, but today is a good day! (With good light),” laughs Josje on Instagram.
It is obvious that Josje is happy. And yes, if Josje is happy, then we are too!

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