It is the Belgian, Dutch R&B discovery of 2019?

be034dd83da534502266c5629b592de6 - It is the Belgian, Dutch R&B discovery of 2019?

!MA, aka Sima Heyrati, is only just 18 years, but is now ready to in 2019 to show what kind of a woman she is. Strong & independent. Spicy & sweet from inside. Sexy & classy. Feminine soft & Feminine strong.
All with a huge drive and passion for music. Everyone knows that all who saw her in The Voice of Flanders 2017. By her energetic and exciting performances she took her effortlessly to the semi-finals. But it was also clear that her muziekverhaal only started.

The past year went!MA crazy for the music, with a lot of hard work in the studio on your own songs. And now it is 2019 and there, and her debut single: “SAUCE”. “SAUCE” is a bold and courageous single. Finally, a musical, female counterweight in the whole urban scene of Flanders and the Netherlands.
2019, the year where the girls of the word, with S!MA-to-head.

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