German airports Tuesday, hit by strike

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A new strike of the security personnel will Tuesday to eight airports in Germany to take, including the largest: Frankfurt. The actions may have consequences for tens of thousands of passengers. The trade union Verdi is demanding more wages.

The actions start at midnight at the airports of Hamburg, Hannover and Bremen. The hours then follow Frankfurt, Dresden, Munich, Leipzig/Halle and Erfurt.

At the Frankfurt airport, the largest in Germany, 470 of the planned 1.200 flights cancelled. And airline Lufthansa announced more than 400 flights have been canceled at the various airports. Frankfurt and Munich are the main hubs of Lufthansa.

Last week, there were already waarschuwingsstakingen place on different German airports. Verdi wants the press to join up for the next round of wage negotiations, that on the 23rd January start.

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