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Geflikflooi, intrigue and trouble: ‘The favourite’ is our favourite movie this week

309ecc99ee7261a8f806b8c1e61fafae - Geflikflooi, intrigue and trouble: ‘The favourite’ is our favourite movie this week

Behind the tapestry carries the girl to a battle for the favor of majesty: ‘The favourite’ is a masterful (anti-)kostuumfilm of Stanley Kubrick’s Greek descendant Yorgos Lanthimos. The best films now in the cinema, selected by our filmrecensent Jeroen Struys.



Mexican masterpiece.

It belongs to the family, but is visible, no part of that. She stands one step higher than the dog, of whom they are the feces have to clean up. It may look as when the whole family together for tv, but next to the seat, on the floor. With great feeling for nuance and vivid images brings the Mexican “oscar” Italian Alfonso Cuarón is an ode to his nanny. Hauntingly beautiful and heartbreakingly good. Reviewer Ruben Aerts informed, quite rightly, a maximum number of stars.

Netflixers can watch the film from Friday from the comfort of their own office. That is fine for anyone not in the cinema hit, for whatever reason. But take it from us: it wants you on the big screen. And the good news is that can also.

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Loftrompet for pirouette.

Is this the biggest names Flemish debut ever? A girl wants to be ballerina, but still her man’s body off to dance. This is a film that is vulnerable to dare to prepare and that also asks of the viewer.

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The favourite


The battle of Oudenaarde (1708) will be Yorgos Lanthimos paté foie gras being: the director of ‘Dogtooth’, ‘The lobster’ and ‘The killing of a sacred deer’ is in ‘The favourite’ only interested in geflikflooi, intrigue, and the private courtyard of Queen Anne. Actresses Emma Stone, Rachel Weisz, and Olivia Colman let all the men with wigs a poepje smell.

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Disarming bandits.

The Golden Palm went this year to this hot movie of Japanese topper Hirokazu Kore-eda about a family in which a lack of blood compensates with affection. Once this family in his heart has closed, you would never get out.

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Ralph breaks the internet

Likes and hearts.

“The nonsensical notion that animated films are only for children, is here final disempowered.’ Reviewer Ruben Aerts is in the clouds with this sequel of Disney’s ’Wreck-it-Ralph’ , a satire on our online behaviors promises. #GewoonKijken

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Beautiful Boy


“I thought we close. I thought we’d be closer to each other were than most fathers and sons. Why isn’t it?” A father feels betrayed by his son. Not only because that crystal meth is used (!) but mainly because of that that behind his back to do. Felix van Groeningen has the geflikt: Beautiful boy, about the true story of a father and son, is a film that washes over you like a tsunami. No waterkeringsmuur of cynicism can save you.

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