Fans of Games of Thrones vibe to counting down to april 14,

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After almost eighty weeks (!) without it, we get in april: finally a new episode of Game of Thrones. The eighth and last season of GoT consists of only six episodes, but according to HBO, each episode feel like a Hollywoodblockbuster. The first teaser of season 8 promises already epic tv instantly reveal when your nights are once again dark and full of terrors’.

HBO verlekkerde the fans been several times with an image from the long-awaited eighth season. Time enough to have the internet on stilts. With this first teaser light HBO for the first time ever, a tip of the iceberg of what awaits us in the final season. Not only of the gigantic battles, one lasted less than 55 days to film – the numerous mysteries and how The Night King a trip behind the Wall, but also from which day the millions of fans again, the sleepless nights experience.
The big GoT-story is completely told? Not at all! HBO announced earlier that a prequel in the pipeline and there were last week the first details released. Provisionally, there is no title for this GoT a spin-off, but HBO already gave a short synopsis: the prequel takes place thousands of years before the events of Game of Thrones. We discover how the world after the golden ‘Age of Heroes’ descends into very dark times. Of the chilling secrets of Westeros to the origins of the ‘white walkers’, the mysteries of the East and the legend of the Starks: it is not the story that we think we know. The GoT-prequel television expected in 2020 and George R. R. Martin as a producer and screenwriter.

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