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Consumers can identify wine by VeChain – Coin Hero

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Consumers can identify wine by VeChain

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Marcel Knobloch –

There are many projects in the crypto universe, although as a digital Asset act, however, in addition, no other function can have. VeChain is one of the projects which are already in possession of innumerable partnerships and in various fields of application.

The Singapore-based company Vechain has been working in China with one of the largest retailers companies in order to make the verification of wine along the value creation chain transparent. VeChain announced that three Italian wineries My Story. My Story is a Cooperation for a dApp of VeChain with DNV GL, the world’s leading provider of product safety and certification.

The standardized digital security solution at the block chain the base for the food and beverage industry, provides independent Audits, Datererfassungs and verification services. The wineries Ricci Curbastro, Ruffino Wines and the West Wind Wines will use all of your bottles in the future with a “My Story-Label” mark and Vechain hardware tags.

In shops, the wine of these vineyards, the customer can scan with the help of a QR-code scanner, the Label, and immediately the complete product history of every bottle of wine to understand. Among other things, the information included where the wine was grown, when it was bottled, what is the vine and who is the owner of the vineyard.

VeChain presented My Story already, last March, and since then has continuously improved, and the adaptation is driven forward. Luca Crisciotti, CEO of DNV GL, said that all the important features are shown in the Blockchain (freely translated):

My Story illuminated products and their supply chain to the Benefit of the consumer, which can immediately and comprehensively access to important product characteristics such as quality, authenticity, origin, ingredients, water and energy consumption and more, all of which will be reviewed by DNV GL, along the whole transformation process.

All information collected will be stored in the public VeChainThor-Blockchain.

DNV GL strives to be the purchase behavior to reshape and direct Interaktino with brands and products easily, quickly, and transparently to implement (freely translated):

Hyper-connectivity is a key element that influences the need for communication with consumers and the opportunity for brands to get involved. This means “everything speaks” refers to the use of many systems and devices to stay always in connection. We are exposed to all the Expo and Hyper connectivity can improve the willingness of people to interact with the product itself. This already applies to food products, to share perhaps even more so in fashion, where consumers are increasingly ready to get Feedback on a specific product or a specific experience. Traditionally, this was managed by the brands behind a product or services, but from another Person. Tripadvisor for travel, Hotels and Restaurants, is one such example.

VeChain closes the gap between the real production and the sale and the end-users, by a manipulation uses resistant technology, the valuable information for all those involved in the process.

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