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Coinbase introduces Dexter

Coinbase introduces Dexter

Coinbase, a crypto exchange based in San Francisco, California, has introduced a forensic acquisition Framework, called Dexter. According to the official Blog, the company wanted to, for safety reasons, an isolated, real-time Software for the forensic collection of data. To solve this Problem, the company created a new Framework called Dexter.

In the official Blog that there are for each of the major operating system are many excellent forensic application designs, and it makes no sense to wasting time to reinvent the wheel. It is planned with Dexter, other forensic tools, as far as possible, to replace, in order to carry out forensic analyses. The properties, the Dexter about the other capabilities of traditional forensics Tools are highlights in the area of the dedicated permissions for special readings and a safe method to call the forensic artifacts.

Dexter works as a of S3 supported Tool. Analysts use Dexter on the command line, to start investigations and Reports. These studies establish certain factors by which systems and the Jobs running on the Host, oriented. After the Jobs have been executed, created Dexter Reports and evaluations, encrypted separately, according to the analysts, who have the permission of the data returned.

The Blog is written:

We have defined our security requirements. The last thing we wanted to develop, was a Remote service that is only used to Run Code. Therefore, we have decided that all forensic evaluations in the application must be coded and also through our Code Review process must go.

The architecture and the use of Dexter

Dexter works as a demon that is available in order to gather forensic information if an investigation is pending. The demon has been specifically designed to be under different environments, whether it is a Linux System on EC2 or on a OSX or Windows machine in the office. The auditors communicate with Dexter on the command line, where you research and publish, and Reports can start, each supported by S3.

Coinbase introduces Dexter Dexter Architecture. Source: Coinbase Blog

In addition, it is written in the Blog:

One of our main goals was that of the forensic query information collected will be completely sent encrypted back to the investigator. So we wanted to ensure that our infrastructure and the evaluations are beyond any doubt. In order to achieve our consensus on objectives, identifies each member of the investigation Department of a public key and a study has to go through in the run-up to a series of tests and corresponding signatures obtained, which correspond to the sensitivity of the investigation-defined queries.

The forensic examinations that are uploaded, are pure JSON documents. A variant of the data exchange with Dexter to Cloud Services works with the help of a hash, which is encrypted with the identification ID. When other reviewers review the investigation results and also to confirm, you put your signature on the authorization key and the updated Version in the S3 upload. Once the investigation has reached a consensus, will execute all of the contained Hosts of the selected Jobs and encrypted records for the defined questions generate.

Coinbase has recently launched its new Crypto-to-Crypto-conversion service. The conversion service is on as well as in the iOS and Android Apps available. The Transfer of Coins is done in real time and at a cheaper price than in the case of two different transactions.

Coinbase is this functionality for the Transformation of crypto-currencies for the customer in all 34 countries where Coinbase regional is represented. Coinbase plans while continuously customers to collect feedback and improve the Feature. The product teams to thoroughly assess the new policies to cryptographic best currencies democratize and expand the possibilities of an Asset efficiently in a different transform, continuously and to improve.

Coinbase offers a user-friendly, extremely reliable, and advanced surface for each of the Bitcoin buy or sell. By focusing on user-friendliness and the uniform presentation Coinbase has made a lot of progress to make crypto accessible to all.

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