Again there is a touch on gays in Chechnya, two of the victims tortured to death

dd30b0cf3eb05c28c7d5d7c84fced8e6 - Again there is a touch on gays in Chechnya, two of the victims tortured to death

In the Russian autonomous republic of Chechnya in a new manhunt on gay men and women, at least two dead and forty wounded cases, report of human rights activists.

The two deaths would have been tortured to death by policemen, causing the geweldsuitbarsting reminiscent of a similar attack in 2017. When were hundreds of Chechen gays also already been arrested and tortured by police officers, including with electroshock. The work led to international protest at the address of the autonomous republic.

The new wave of violence put according to the authoritative homorechtenorganisatie Russian LGBT Network by the end of december the head, after the arrest of the moderator of an online LGBT forum on the Russian socialenetwerksite VKontakte. The police would be the list of contacts in his phone to other members of the LGBT community to detect. The report is partly confirmed by the Russian regimekritische newspaper Novaya Gazeta, who for this purpose relying on anonymous sources.

‘Both men and women were arrested and taken to a police cell in the city Argoen brought, ” says Igor Kochetkov of the Russian LGBT Network to The Guardian. ‘The police took their identity documents, threatened their family and prohibited them later to testify about what they experienced.’

‘Persecution never ceased’

The new violence shows that despite international pressure, the Chechen president Ramzan Kadyrov does not intend the gay community in his country and less hard to tackle. ‘The prosecution of members of the LGBT community never stopped, ” says Kochetkov. ‘At best, find them on a smaller scale.”

President Kadyrov denies that homosexuals in Chechnya recently again been the victim of organised violence. Though The Guardian that he is in at least one interview would have said that homosexuals should be cleared ‘to our blood, to cleanse’.

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