Accident on the set of Family

b0f2e12305225aba21b9a42483aa3f5c - Accident on the set of Family

The week has not started well for the creators of Family. Monday there is an accident happened on the set of the popular series. Occasionally attracts the team of Family out for recording. Monday was another day, and there were pictures place for a few buitenscènes. The crew of Family made out of a golf cart to use to transport the material. At a certain point in time, is the trolley in a deep and wide ditch and slid overkop gone. Fortunately there was nobody in or on the trolley. There are no injuries cases, let VTM in response to the Showbizz-Site know. In retrospect, could the creators of Family with the incident and laugh. “No, this was not in the scenario… Fortunately only material damage.” they wrote in the photo.

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