‘Yellow vests’ maintain: 32.000 protesters on the streets, Parisian police put tear gas in

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In France came in today about the 32,000 people on the streets against the reforms of president Macron. At the protests of the yellow shirts in Paris, where some 8,000 protesters to the streets, it is Saturday afternoon again to tension come.

A few protesters were at the Arc de Triomphe objects in the direction of the police thrown in, according to a police spokeswoman. The enforcers tried showing the crowd with tear gas to drift apart.

In the afternoon, were already 59 activists arrested, because they are illegal weapons in his pocket, or because the police suspected that they are the violent actions of preparing, is to hear from the police. Throughout the country, according to the police around the 32,000 protesters to the protests and participate. That is more than last weekend when in France 26,000 people were mobilized.

In other cities also, were the yellow bibs for the ninth Saturday in a row, gathered to protest. Bourges went according to the local prefecture, 5,000 people to the streets. Their protest was predominantly peaceful. In a certain street came to the police however intervened and it was a crowd from each other, hunted, according to a spokeswoman for the prefecture. The city in the center of France by the riot police, particularly in the eye, held after there online to a massive protest was called.

Since mid-november, demonstrates the movement of the yellow shirts against the reform policies of the French president, Emmanuel Macron, and against the decrease in purchasing power.

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The French ‘yellow shirts’movement has in the meantime also in more places. Not only in our country but also in the United Kingdom, where today thousands of protesters to end the austerity measures demanded. They also want new elections.

The call of the campaign ” The People’s Assembly Against Austerity’ also gave politicians and trade unions from all parts of the country a result. Around 5,000 to 10,000 demonstrators are the London street built, said a spokeswoman of the organizers according to a first estimate.

Also representatives of the yellow hesjesbeweging in France names to the protest in London part. ‘All European countries should in this struggle against the austerity policy connect’, said one French participant in the British press agency PA.

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