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Stoffel Vandoorne positive in spite of new problems during Formula E race in Marrakech

11e36eb9edee52521afe68b35e6748cf - Stoffel Vandoorne positive in spite of new problems during Formula E race in Marrakech

After a disappointing first race in Formula 1 was also the second race weekend not trouble free for Vandoorne. Vandoorne had yesterday after the first round, the race cease after a collision with team-mate Gary Paffett.

The pechreeks of Stoffel Vandoorne also appears in the Formula E to hold. After a disappointing F1 adventure at McLaren made Vandoorne at the end of last year, the move to Formula E. In the electrical counterpart of the Formula 1 comes Vandoorne for the debut HWA Racelab.

That debut is accompanied by the necessary growing pains because, after the technical problems during the first race of the Formula E season there were also yesterday’s technical problems during the qualifying. This had to be Vandoorne’s race in the rear position. That race was also disappointing because Vandoorne came in collision with his team mate Gary Paffett.

“Intense,” as described Vandoorne will be racing day, as opposed to ‘’. “The race was very short. I hit Gary in the first turn after my brakes blocked and with all the smoke and chaos for me, I couldn’t really see where I was going. That was unfortunate, I hit the side of the car of Gary and as a result were our cars broke down.”

Again disappointment, therefore, at both Vandoorne, as well as his team. Our compatriot is trying despite the new setback, however, to stay calm. He wants his team the time to learn from the problems and the mistakes that were made.

“We don’t have control over many of our problems and are dependent on other factors. It’s going to take some time to get it all to get the hang of,” said Vandoorne against ‘Motorsport’.

Vandoorne believes that his team, despite the problems and the limited number of miles that it has been able to drive already has a lot to learn. He trusts that his team progression will be books and that they are without problems would have to be able to on a regular basis in the top ten to finish.

“That is certainly possible. The first thing to have a trouble-free weekend to ride, then we know something more,” decided Vandoorne.

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