Stefaan Degand gives performances at schools about bullying

Stefaan Degand lost his wife in 2017 to meningitis. On Radio 1, unveiled by the actor that his deceased wife giant was bullied. That ranged from hair cut, blue eyes, sandwiches to take to money to the school. “If you’re being bullied, then draws you, one way or another for the rest of your life”, he gave into it.

Stefaan Degand attracts so a number of rooms in to school performances to give for +10-year-olds. Want to he is not in the centre of attention and he worked together with internationally acclaimed successful children’s author Jan De Kinder, and director Stefan Perceval to have a clear story about bullying.
The show is called ‘RED’ and reignited the debate over bullying. The most important is of course to the bullying finally stop.

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