Saudi asielzoekster in Canada arrived

a830e0c9527f9e56ac8b8736caa998b1 - Saudi asielzoekster in Canada arrived

The Saudi Arabian asielzoekster Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun (18) is safe in Canada arrived. She asked for asylum because they say that physically and mentally abused by her family, and she feared the condition because they are islam had renounced.

Photos showed how the 18-year-old young women Saturday at the airport of Toronto arrived. She was the United Nations recognized as a refugee, and asked initially for asylum in Australia. That country studied her dossier, but Canada had to know that she was welcome.

The woman was from saudi arabia, where she and her family was on a journey, fled to Thailand. The Thai authorities wanted to get her deported, but she refused to leave the country and shut herself in her hotel room at the airport. Through the messages and videos on her Twitter account was the outside world all follow, that Bangkok abandon the plan to get her out.

Qunun is with 18 the age of majority, but in Saudi Arabia there is still the system of ‘male guardianship’, where all of the women for a whole range of official acts require the consent of their ‘guardian’.

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