Sasha & Davy respond to the criticism

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After Koen Wauters was Thursday night the family of Davy Gilles centrally in the VTM program ‘Greetings From’. It was the first time that the Romeo-singer, with his wife Sasha and all his children was to be seen in public. Sasha and Davy, who is also a vocalist duo, were teruggeflitst to 1988. The couple also got a surprising visit of footballers, Leo Van der Elst and Piet Den Boer. The broadcast was made, despite the fierce competition with the start of the FOUR series ‘The Day’ – again good for more than 600,000 viewers and a spot in the top-10. Controversial was the passage in which the family, driving in a Toyota Celica, with the four children in the back seat. The Roads and Traffic Agency responded and made the torque and the makers point out that since 1991, not on the public highway may drive without all passengers wear seatbelts. In addition, there are also more people sit in a car than there are seat belts available. The couple responded Friday on their Facebook page with a strong, comprehensive response. We know that Sasha & Davy engaged people are. A few years ago, Davy still there between when a father his child report was made to the name-calling. The incident happened on the beach. The singer took a risk because he spoke the evil father and make him on his parental obligations. Also in traffic the torque to be courteous and promote them the idea of driving without alcohol.

It is the reaction of Sasha & Davy as a result of the incident in the VTM program ‘Greetings From’. Friday you could see how Sasha and I together with all my children teruggeflitst were to 1988, the year I was 12.
A whole weekend, we were able to enjoy all the beauty that 1988 had to offer. The music, the atmosphere, the atmosphere, and the beautiful family moments together. On the other hand, we have also wondered about things that in 1988 were self-evident, but we have since out of have learned. Doctors in popular series like Medisch Centrum West that open and expose a cigarette and light up on television. Safe sex was not evident. Had to correctly use a condom still to be confirmed by the public broadcaster that all the broomsticks out of the closet pulled out.

In fashion, I dare to say that we are there since 1988 also in progress. And perhaps the most important of all, road safety was still far too little attention. As noticed by some observant viewers that not all our children with a belt carried on the back seat.

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