Robert De Niro will never Trump play in movie

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The American actor Robert de Niro would never have been the role of the American president Donald Trump, jr. in a film. “For every character that I play, I always have some sympathy,” says the 75-year-old actor in an interview with “Bild am Sonntag”. He says there is always to focus on it a character from all angles to examine kinesthetic clues to find, “but the figure of Donald Trump, it is impossible, no matter how much I á efforts. Trump comes to me as very unlikable. ”

On the question of whether he would consider if he were the role could be offered to Trump to play, the answer is short: “Never.”
De Niro has his opinion about Trump, which is often openly show it. In the interview, says The Niro that he was “furious” is on Trump. He thinks the president is a danger to the U.S. and for democracy and for the many values that are close to our heart. “The man is immoral,” says De Niro. “We now need someone that the people back together.”

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