Penultimate episode of How I Will Say?

1fba1b01ce65340c5c149671035ecabc - Penultimate episode of How I Will Say?

A hardhorige florist, you will him but to you to rekker. Bernd is a very nice and dear mother-in-law, Brigitte. Her only downfall is that they are quite gullible. Her son-in-law wishes to apologize for all the stupid jokes that he’s been with her uithaalde and where she with open eyes is ingetuimeld. Enter: the hardhorige florist that Brigitte will surprise with a naked thick diver with a Story. Or was the “big fat bouquet with a sorry”?

Petra and Steven are a close family, only they and their young children to a bad habit of their dad: he smokes. About one pack per day. Petra: “I will let Steven weekly brands that I smoke don’t like it, but if he is not listening, we need that in a different way.” The 4-year-old, Bram has a heart-rending thought: “We are afraid that daddy is dead”. Steven is invited his friends for a Halloween tour, which is actually a creepy trip to his own funeral.

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