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Not the favourite Wout van Aert, but Toon Aerts is a Belgian champion cyclo-cross after exciting cross

87491c87e6dd9c025a349768544585d6 - Not the favourite Wout van Aert, but Toon Aerts is a Belgian champion cyclo-cross after exciting cross

The predicted most exciting race of the season has brought what everyone expected. Show Aerts and Wout van Aert were there on the race of Kruibeke an intense contest, in which Show Aerts himself surpassed. The Kempenaar reed in the penultimate round just the way of the world champion.

Aerts for the first time or Of Aert for the fourth time: it was the question that the BK in Kruibeke controlled. Of course, there were some riders with your name and reputation at the start, but the nature of the course was entirely on the body of both Kempenaren written.

The holeshot was already for Show Aerts, followed by Michael Vanthourenhout and Wout van Aert. The world champion looked in the first round, yet the cat out of the tree and let off a small hole on his two predecessors, but seemed to still have everything under control. A first prick of Toon Aerts was by Van Aert easily answered, Vanthourenhout had the role to solve the problem. It soon became clear: the title would go to one of the two pronounced favorites go, for the surprises in this Kruibeke.

Aerts puts pressure

‘Not to Wout and look, just look at yourself, ” said Sven Nys, for the contest and Show Aerts followed the advice of his team manager, all the way on. The Rijkevorselnaar stepped up the pace and saw how Van Aert and, occasionally, a few meters had to admit. But the world champion knew that a lot of the interest was stronger in and in the materiaalpost even beyond his opponent. The duo gave each other already in the openingsrondes’t budge an inch.

A slip of Aerts made a first gap in the favor of the world champion. Van Aert got just five seconds gift and decided the throttle open to run. But Aerts was not and only had one modderstrook need to be up on the wheel of the world champion to return. Thirty-minute match and it was still not clear who would win: how long was that ago?

Hard against onzacht

Hard against onzacht, the audience enjoyed it. Aerts had to be a second time a sore. Twenty metres away, there were soon fifty, five seconds there were fifteen! Was the championship ridden? It seemed like it strong! Of Aert smoke his fourth sweater and wanted to be the prey no more problems.

But still, also Of Aert popped up a time to literally take in the scenery and suddenly sat Aerts again in a handful of seconds of the world champion. It would still? Aerts came back up on the wheel of van Aert and pulled at the start of the penultimate lap immediately. Aerts immediately hit a gap, but also Of Aert didn’t want to crack! The fight grew to a climax that is in favour of Aerts settled seemed to be. What hot! Suddenly had the challenger a lead of almost twenty seconds of cycling. Really large would the gap will never be but little by little it became clear that Aerts himself a first title would deliver. Aerts went with seventeen seconds ahead of the last round and felt the wings that Wout van Aert had. Despite the grim defence of van Aert rode a unleashed Aerts to his first national title. The bronze went, in two minutes, Michael Vanthourenhout.

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